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About Safe Sheds, Inc.

When Your LIFE Depends On It

Proud Producer Member of the National Storm Shelter Association

7 People Survived An EF4 Tornado In Their Safe Shed Above Ground Storm Shelter

Arkansas Tornado Survivor

On April 27, 2014, an EF4 tornado struck several communities in Arkansas, ultimately killing 16 people in the state on that day. The storm shelter shown above saved the lives of seven people and two dogs when their home and business suffered a direct hit from the storm. During the tornado, the shelter was struck by a full-sized pickup truck which wrapped around the shed and came to rest several feet away. Chester & Romaine, Safe Shed owners, recall this about that horrible day:

"We were listening to the news and knew it was heading our way.  We went into the Safe Shed and had not been in there long when we heard it coming.  We could hear stuff slamming against the door and all around did what it was supposed to do - save our lives.  [The] Safe Shed was the only thing left standing on our lot. We lost a double-wide mobile home, a 20' x 30' shop, a 14' x 16' storage shed, a 16' x 24' office building, 5 company vehicles, and 3 personal vehicles. We found...all the vehicles but not the first sign of the mobile home, the shed, the office building or any of the contents from those three." 

Destroyed Truck That Struck Storm Shelter

Safe Sheds Inc.

All of us at Safe Sheds, Inc. live and work in the Midwest, where spring and fall storms can produce tornadoes with very little warning. We've been where you are...monitoring the local news for weather alerts and trying to decide when it's time to take shelter. Like you, we've seen the aftermath pictures of Hurricane Katrina and the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, less than 400 miles from our factory. We understand how ruthless Mother Nature can be, and we want to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.
Thousands of our above ground storm shelters sit in the heart of tornado alley and along the Southeastern coastline in the path of annual hurricanes. We want youto feel as confident and calm as those Safe Shed owners feel when the weather gets rough.

Above Ground Storm Shelter

NSSA Producer Member

Why Buy A Safe Shed Above Ground Storm Shelter?

  • Our above ground concrete storm shelters have saved lives and property in multiple storms, including an EF4 tornado and Catagory 2 Hurricane Ike.
  • Testing by Texas Tech University of our steel door and review of our plans by nationally recognized engineering firms have verified the strength of our storm shelters and their components.
  • A low threshhold and wide entry door is perfect for those with limited mobility.
  • Safe Sheds storms shelters are affordable and attractive.
  • When the "take cover" alert is issued, you don't have time to drive to a community shelter or someone else's home.
  • In the aftermath of hurricanes, a Safe Shed can be used as temporary housing by adding a chemical toilet, generator, and food storage.
  • Community shelters rarely accept pets, the members of the family you can't just leave behind. And you have added benefit of protecting valuables such as guns, family heirlooms, and photos in your personal safe room.
  • Businesses frequently use Safe Sheds shelters as safe rooms for network computer systems, hazmat storage, and secure record storage. They can be temperature controlled with the addition of heating and cooling units.

You CAN Survive A Tornado In An Above Ground Storm Shelter - 


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