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FEMA 320 Compliant Above Ground Storm Shelters

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7 Survive Direct Hit By EF-4 Tornado


 In April of 2014 several tornados touched down in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. The home and business of one Safe Sheds customer sustained a direct hit which destroyed a double-wide mobile home, a metal shop, an office building, and 8 vehicles. A full sized pickup truck struck and wrapped around the shelter, causing only cosmetic damage to the Safe Shed. Seven survivors and their two pets exited the building after the storm blew over to find a huge debris field, no sign of their home or offices, and the homes of their friends and neighbors destroyed. As these photos show, their Safe Shed saved their lives!



Where does your family go when the siren sounds?
  • Above-ground monolithic conrete storm shelter with steel door
  • Two sizes:  8' x 10' and 6' x 6'
  • Low entry threshold is wheelchair and handicap accessible
  • Meets and exceeds FEMA 320 Specifications
  • Survive tornado, hurricane, and straightline wind storms
  • Delivered and installed at your home or business
  • Stucco finish with 90 color choices available
  • Can be relocated if your family moves
  • Use for outdoor storage, potting shed, pool house
  • Add generator and chemical toilet for post-hurricane recovery shelter



A series of deadly storms passing through AL and MS destroyed many neighborhoods like this.

After the tornado - Tuscaloosa AL
Minor damage caused by April 2011 tornado at commercial customer site

April of 2011 brought several tornadoes to Alabama and Mississippi.  This Safe Shed was used by the staff on site at a commercial business in Tuscaloosa AL.  The staff took shelter during the tornado and came out to find major damage to all of the other buildings on site.

To contact customer support, click this link Safe Sheds to e-mail our office. Or call toll free 1-888-556-1531.
Both size Safe Sheds are manufactured at our plant in Salem, Illinois, 62881.
Feel free to visit us at our production facility if you are in the area. We have display models available for your viewing 24/7.


22 of 131 Safe Sheds at Fort Sill, Oklahoma for the US Army

The sheds are delivered completely finished, with on-site setup on a level site completed in 3-4 hrs. Safe Sheds have an attractive exterior of stucco, painted in a wide range of
colors to blend with their surroundings. The interior is painted white for a bright clean appearence. With about 500 cu.ft. interior space the large unit provides ample secure storage in addition to providing protection for your family from severe weather.
Based on FEMA recommendations, an 8X10 unit can be used as a hurricane shelter for up to five people for several days if supplied with adequate food, water, and toilet facilites. For shorter duration storms, like tornadoes, the unit can be used by 14 people.
For additional security they can be anchored at the corners to the lifting lugs with either screw in earth anchors or anchors set in concrete. For even more protection earth can be placed against the sides and back wall.
They are maintenance free, attractive, and economical. Potential uses are unlimited, including: hazmat storage, agricultural chemical storage, or electronic equipment room(with air conditioning added). The units provide secure, fire-proof storage as units are 100% concrete and steel.


1 of 12 Safe Sheds purchased by the Cameron, MO
Housing Authority (HUD)for their residents.

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Lauderdale County, Mississippi, purchased Safe Sheds for protection of key emergency response personnel at local fire stations and ambulance facilities. Read the Meridian Star newspaper article at (http://meridianstar.com/local/x1326414641/Safe-Sheds-provide-shelter-from-the-storm)


6ft X 6ft SAFE SHED accommodates 5-6 adults built to FEMA pub 320 specs. Weight of 11,000 lbs, base price of $3,450.00

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  • Safe Sheds' material and workmanship are guaranteed.
  • Safe Sheds are wheelchair accessible with a 6" step-up and a 36" wide door.
  • Safe Sheds are designed to withstand 250 mph wind gusts typical of an EF-5 Tornado.
  • Safe Sheds are the best value in above ground units available.
  • We have wonderful customers and would be pleased to furnish references in your area if you wish, just let us know.