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About Safe Sheds, Inc.

Your Family's Safety Is Our First Priority!

Proud Producer Member of the National Storm Shelter Association

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All of us at Safe Sheds live and work in the Midwest, where spring and fall storms can produce tornadoes with very little warning. We've been where you are...monitoring the local news for weather alerts and staying up late to listen to the weather radio. Like you, we've seen the aftermath pictures from Hurricane Katrina and the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, less than 400 miles from our factory. We understand how ruthless Mother Nature can be, and we want to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

Hundreds of our above-ground safe rooms sit in the heart of tornado alley and along the Southeastern coastline in the path of annual hurricanes.  We want you to feel as confident and calm as those Safe Shed owners feel when the weather gets rough.

Why Buy A Safe Shed?

  • Our Above-Ground monolithic concrete safe room has survived multiple storms, including an EF4 tornado
  • Testing by Texas Tech University of our steel door and review of our plans by nationally respected engineering firms have verified the strength of our safe rooms and components
  • A low threshold and wide entry door is ideal for those with limited mobility
  • Safe Sheds are affordable and attractive
  • When the "take cover" alert is issued, you often don't have time to drive to a community shelter or someone else's home
  • In the aftermath of hurricanes, a Safe Shed can be used as temporary housing with the addition of a chemical toilet, generator, and food storage
  • Community shelters often do not accept pets - and you have the added benefit of protecting valued keepsakes and photos in your personal safe room
  • Businesses frequently use Safe Shed shelters as a safe room for network computer systems, hazmat storage, and secure record storage

7 Survive Direct Hit By EF-4 Tornado


In April of 2014, several tornadoes touched down in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area.  The home and business of one Safe Sheds customer sustained a direct hit which destroyed a double-wide mobile home, a metal shop, an office building, and 8 vehicles.  A full sized pickup truck struck and wrapped around their above-ground safe room, causing only cosmetic damage to the Safe Shed.  Seven survivors and their two pets exited the building after the storm blew over to find a huge debris field, no sign of their home or offices, and the homes of their friends and neighbors destroyed.  As these photos show, their Safe Shed saved their lives!


This interview with tornado debris expert Larry Tanner of Texas Tech University discusses the benefits of above ground safe rooms.


6' x 6' SAFE SHED

Shelters up to 6 adults

Built to FEMA Publication 320 Specifications

Total weight of 11,000 lbs.

Base price $3,450 (delivery not included)

8'x10' Storm Shelter

8' x 10' Safe Shed

Shelters up to 14 non-related people

Built to FEMA Publication 320 Specifications

Total weight of 24,000 lbs.

Base Price $4,785 (delivery not included)

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