Why Trust Your Family's Safety to Safe Sheds?

  • Our customers are storm survivors! Thousands of our above ground storm shelters are located all over the U.S. in "tornado alley", the Midwest, and along coastal regions prone to hurricanes.
  • Our shelters are engineered and manufactured to meet FEMA Pub. 320, giving you near absolute protection against winds up to 250 mph (an EF5 tornado).
  • As a producer member of the National Storm Shelter Association, our shelters have passed rigorous review and testing by third party engineers and researchers, including the ultimate severe weather wind experts at Texas Tech University.
  • We believe in making our storm shelters affordable for everyone...you can protect your family for less than $4,000!
  • You receive excellent customer service before, during, and after your purchase. Our customers will tell you it's true!
Tornado survivor resting in storm shelter
Pickup truck destroyed in EF4 tornado

In April of 2014, an EF4 tornado struck the town of Vilonia, Arkansas. It picked up and slammed this truck against the Safe Shed storm shelter shown above. Although they lost almost everything they owned, the seven people inside the Safe Shed survived with no injuries. The storm shelter had only minor scratches, chips, and dents.

90 color selections are available to match or compliment any home and yard. Our shelters are designed to blend into your neighborhood and are often approved by HOAs.

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Safe Shed vs. Pickup!